International Crews

The ‘Amstelbeker’ is an anual regatta, organized by the K.A.R.&Z.V. ‘De Hoop’ and K.N.S.R.B.. During the regatta the eight best female and eight best male rowers from every participating boat club compete for the glory of their club. The regatta focusses on the spirit of club rowing and a healthy rivalry. Only eights compete at this regatta! Racing at the Amstelbeker is on a knock-out basis, with crews rowing two abreast over a course which is 750 meters long across the river Amstel. This competition in the heart of Amsterdam is a rowing event you don’t want to miss. The winners in their respective categories end up competing eachother. The women compete to win the Fortunacup and the men compete to win the Palmcup.

Not only is the Amstelbeker a great event for participating rowers, it is a treat for rowing enthusiasts as well. From the terrace of ‘De Hoop’ boat club spectators can watch the races, while enjoying refreshments and soaking in the athmosphere. The Dutch rowing community is unique and de Amstelbeker provides a perfect platform to experience it.

International crews are very welcome to compete at the Amstelbeker regatta. Send us an e-mail via for entries and further inquiries.